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(showing articles 41 to 43 of 43)

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Discuss topics related to the health of Poultry and Waterfowl and advice on how to help treat health problems and issues including Poultry and Waterfowl nutrition.

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    I have a pair of Rouen ducks, they are just over a year old. They both feathered out to look like males, gray feathers with the green heads. They where trying to breed each other and my dog , to the point where they had pulled all the neck feathers off of each other. The backs of both of their necks where bald . I felt they needed females so i got 2 girl ducks. The "boys" have since molted their feathers again, but now they look like female Rouens. No more green heads, no more gray feathers...

    Male Rouen ducks turning female?

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  • 09/21/17--10:17: Need help
  • Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me please I have a female duck named sky not sure how old she is but I have noticed in the last couple of days she isn't herself. She has started sitting on the floor with her tail in the air and she not eating has much has normal please need advice xx thank you

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  • 03/30/18--08:44: Cockerel
  • hi , I would like your opinion on this, a friend has chickens and some of the eggs hatched and one was a male, as he already had a male he keeps the same one confined daily it's pen and run, the others are free range I suggested it might be kinder if he each one out on alternate days as the one confined runs up and down the pen screeching, what do you think is kindest. Thank you

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